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Mergers and Acquisitions - Business Broker

Selling a business independently is a difficult task. The structure and specifics of the deal are much more complex than that of a property or a batch of goods. 

And that's why:

- The business needs to be professionally taught for sale - only then will you get a better return on your product.

- It is important to determine the extent to which the value of the business being sold is able to provide an investment offer to a potential buyer for an investor.

- Guarantee the confidentiality of the business sale-purchase process and the transaction in all its stages.

- In case of need, have the opportunity to organize additional financing - credit, investment or other form.

The activity of business brokers - the sale of the company is not only the signing of a contract. But every transaction is a complex commercial business that requires a lot of energy and professionalism, not only as an advisor but also for all business group companies. Business sales advisor services consist of a lot of things - this is the company's sales audit, evaluation, strategy, marketing plan, legal expertise, organization of negotiation process, and secured financial transactions.

Each transaction has its own budget. The business broker together with the customer agrees on the structure and size of the budget. Basically, based on the projected profit, you realize the transactions. The traditional cost of the commission is 5% to 15% of the profit.


Example of budget for a business to be sold:


Company price: EUR 1 000 000


1. Setting the company's price - 0.1 - 0.3%


2. Liquidity increase - 0.1 - 0.5%


3. Active sales - 0,3 - 0,8%


4. Business Broker Fees - 5 - 10%


Total cost of the project: 5.5 - 11%


Our Credo & Values


We market good business with good people. To maximize the profit of the customer - providing him with professional and efficient high-quality business services. IBE-GROUP, a many Years successful business experience and offers value-added services to business executives and companies in international markets. Our team - bankers, lawyers, economists and financiers - marketing business Internationally in the major bank structures, lawyers offices, insurance companies, manufacturing companies, investment funds and more.



IBE-GROUP goal-seeking professional team, with a distinct international bank, investment and business law knowledge and practice. Our experience shows a number of successful completion of the business since 1987. It provides a unique opportunity to solve all issues of business realization in one business group - saving energy, time and money.


IBE-GROUP has large portfolio businesses to buy and sell. Feel Free to contact us directly and discuss confidentially your business needs.


The best opportunity in your life.

Air Finance Franchises by IBE-GROUP are sold Worldwide. If you are a happy candidate then you can be proud of being the owner of this incredibly fast growing and profitable company.

All numbers from the head office will be available to the respective candidate.

For more information, please contact our head office.

Go to the contact page to see the email. Postal address and / or contact number for the head office.

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